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Saturday, September 16, 2017


  1. Hillary Clinton was foolish (nay stupid) when she stated that S. Korea was "only a few miles from N. Korea's border." This person was Secretary of State and thinks she has an entitlement to the presidency. 
Our founding fathers could never believe who, and what, thinks she has a right to what they created. Hillary Clinton, you, in your entire life, have never met the founders' vision that the most accomplished among us would lead the nation they worked and fought for!! You are arguably the most arrogant, most delusional, most dishonest (intellectually and pathologically) candidate for the presidency in history. Yet you believe you are entitled to it. Your record is one of no sig...nificant accomplishments. Your ineptitude, such as in Libya and Egypt for example, demonstrate gross incompetence. Yes, you were beaten by a flawed man, but he does meet some basic requirements that you do not. Please give it up, Ms. Clinton, and go into hiding for the rest of your life. Maybe you could learn to bake cookies. You will never be a Margaret Thatcher, a Golda Meir, a Gandhi or even a Merkel. Please take all the wealth you acquired for doing nothing of importance and hideaway

Sunday, September 10, 2017




It was a beautiful September morning in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as it was in New York. I had enjoyed my favorite Mexican breakfast, machaca nortena (eggs & dried beef, jalapenos, more) and papaya. I bade adios to the smiling breakfast cook and waiter, both of whom always made me feel it was very important to serve me. I checked out of the hotel, chatted with the friendly manager, who asked me if I'd return in one week as usual. No, maybe two to three weeks. After going home, I had to go to Scotland to negotiate a contract with SGL Carbon to convert Mann Industries-Grupo Cydsa carbon fiber precursor into carbon fiber for aircraft brakes. Our recent work had been very successful, the outlook positive. The day was good! Until I entered the waiting car and my driver/engineer said a “small plane had hit a New York Trade Center tower”. Soon, as we drove the 25 minutes to our office and factory, another plane hit the building. I said to Victor, “this is no accident, it's an attack. Please hurry!”

In the office we soon watched the towers fall. It's difficult to describe my feelings. I was stunned, angry and numb. My friendly associates were incredulous. There were expressions of sorrow, many typical Mexican embraces and one not too surprising negative voice from the company Director General, who often had different opinions. He said, “This is inside Gringo job, no one outside could do it.” “This is what happens when you are biggest and most powerful.” Obviously, these two comments didn't comport. I said very forcefully, “I am in no frame of mind to accept such nonsense. You will not say it again, please!” He didn't. Later, in private, he apologized and assured me I was among friends and they would do all possible to help. He did. They did! And, so did others. I spent the rest of the day in the offices trying to get a flight and was assured no planes would fly, even for days.

Carol called immediately to assure me she was safe. But, my concern was what the follow-up would be. Carol and our niece and nephew were in Williamsburg, Virginia, surrounded by military facilities and even a CIA center. Daughter Susan and family, as well as Carol's sister, were in Northern Virginia, her mother in Maryland, within minutes of the center of government. Daughter Leigh was in Greensboro, NC near one of the largest fuel storage depots in the East. My mother was seemingly safe in West Virginia, but only minutes from The Greenbrier Resort, which had been the “secret hiding place” for government officials in time of emergency since the 60s. Was it still? Soon, I had a different challenge -- convincing Carol I could not get 1000 miles to the border and she and “the kids” must not even consider driving 1000 miles south. An assistant, Maricruz, helped me with an excuse when I asked her about a bus to the border. She vetoed it forcefully saying it was very dangerous. “You could die.” “We will not 'approve' it,” she said in excited-Latina Espanol. That worked as I pondered other alternatives.
In the third day, friends in Monterrey learned, they thought, that Continental would start flights from McAllen, Texas. There were reported problems crossing the border, but they would hire a person who knew how to get across without problems. They engaged the driver, I booked the flight out of McAllen only to be told within hours that no planes would fly. When I rescheduled McAllen, Continental canceled my priority. I was now in worse position, but for the best of intentions.

There is a story, or more than one, here. Please indulge me. Thanks.

The airport hotel filled quickly with people coming from many areas trying to get to the USA. I met many interesting people. A most interesting person was a lovely Latina, an American citizen, with her physician husband from Tampa, FL. She came from Veracruz and had been visiting her family there. We became friendly, exchanged credentials and agreed to try to stay in touch. At one point she became a bit emotional, as a Latina can be, often charmingly so. But, she was serious and so intense. She took my jacket lapels in her hands and with her face no more than inches from mine, she said, “Dr. Mann, you must believe me when I tell you something.” Of course I would. She said,“Americans do not know the 'bad things' happening.” She told me that Middle Easterners were paying large amounts of money to groups in Mexico to "make them look like Mexicans,” teach them Spanish, help them get Visas and to get across the border into the United States. I asked if she knew any of the groups. She tensed noticeably. I asked if her family was involved. Her expression said they were and her husbands slight nod confirmed it. She implored me to “tell our government.” I asked if she would do the same knowing, she wouldn't and couldn't. She said her family would be in danger. For sure! I understood and promised I would not reveal her identity but would tell our government. When I finally got home, I engaged a friend with DOD credentials and credibility I didn't have. We issued a report to agency heads whom he knew. We were told that we might never hear how they dealt with it. We didn't.

I also learned that Hezbollah had a presence in the “Tri-Border region of S. America, known as the “Triple Frontier.” They were building a “base” of some kind. Not much was known. However, a few credible people confirmed that it was discussed among certain people, but not widely reported. Not until 2007 was either of these issues reported by Pablo Gato of Telemundo and Richard Windrem of NBC News. The stated intent of Hezbollah was to “get to the USA if anything happened to Iran.” Today, there are over 12,000 Google references. In 2008, I published an article along with a proposal to deal with immigration and terrorism, “IMMIGRATION BEYOND WALLS.” I gave well-received speeches as well.
Again, in 2011, I updated the “Immigration” article and included the reference to Hezbollah. It was well-received except for one ignorant person who accused me of stretching the truth. Hezbollah couldn't possible be where I said and where reported He'd been cavorting in Argentina and didn't see anything. He didn't look at the 12,000 references. Why do I write this?
I'm writing simply to indicate how foolish people can be, especially on immigration and terrorism issues But, they influence others. And, I'm reminded of the colleague who thought the towers came down under “gringo actions.” But he relented. Now I think of one of arguably the most undesirable, and in my opinion, one of the the dumbest, women in America, Rosie O'Donnell. She chooses to be ignorant and also claims the towers succumbed to an inside conspiracy. Her justification? “Never has fire melted steel!” Obviously, she is abjectly ignorant but that doesn't silence her voice. The sad fact is, foolish people like this one do influence others....and they get paid well by media to be what they are. There are many more. Can you say Bill Maher of HBO and Alan Colmes of FOX News? But, I'm digressing to make a point.

Oh yes, I also met a couple from Berkeley, CA. Both were professors, he of philosophy. He educated me in Jungian philosophy and the interest continues. He has also sent me a book. Little things can mean a lot. Something positive!

At the airport hotel I met an American Airlines flight crew. I had dinner twice with the captain and a couple of flight attendants. I told them of my plight with Continental Airlines. The captain said they'd find a seat for me and instructed me to go to an American agent, who'd have my name, and tell the agent he had sent me. I'd “have to fly coach,” though. Big deal! If I were on Continental, I'd be in seat 11-A on an ERJ 145, the best seat in the "tin can" for leg room. I bought a ticket for a flight scheduled the next day, the 6th day of being stranded. I had breakfast with the captain and two attendants the morning of the flight and introduced them to my favorite breakfast. The restaurant was full of people, mostly ready to travel. It came time to fly.

As I entered the plane, one attendant was standing in front of the galley and the captain and co-pilot were standing in the doorway to the cockpit. The three of us spoke briefly as passengers filed into the cabin. I settled into my AISLE seat. The 2nd flight attendant came by, welcomed me and told me “we are happy to have you aboard.” They were very nice people! Soon after we were airborne, the man behind me began to talk rather loudly revealing that his IQ probably wasn't in triple digits. He was talking to the person in the middle and another across the aisle. They seemed tolerant, but didn't respond. He may have been Rosie's mentor since he spouted the nonsense that the towers came down by “explosives planted in the building by insiders.” I was in no frame of mind to listen very long. I stood up, faced him, and simply looked at him for a while. He said nothing to me and stopped talking. But, only for a few minutes. He started again by trying to explain why there had to be explosives and that burning fuel could not have “melted steel and concrete.” I suppose I was more arrogant than the others around him, but I was in no mood to hear him any longer.
I stood up, leaned over the back of my seat and said, “Sir, I've had enough of your loud nonsensical bantering. I suspect no one wants to be subjected to more of it. Folks are rather somber and relieved to be heading home. Now, be quiet!” A few in earshot applauded lightly. He shut up. I sat down to read. A flight attendant came by, ostensibly to bring me something. She knelt over and with a chuckle, said, “some passengers think you're a marshal. You're the only one on the plane wearing a coat and tie. You look official. Thank you.” I said let him think so. Maybe I'll be one for this flight. The man remained quiet for the entire flight. As we deplaned and walked up the concourse, a gentleman got my attention and said, “They told me you're posing as me.” You did a good job. I looked at him and said, “but you aren't wearing a coat and tie.” You're not official. OK, it's not an inspirational story, but it is an amusing memory from a time that was far from amusing in other ways. The attack was such an assault on all of America and a huge price was paid by so many good people. Yet, so many do not recognize the full impact of it, even today. I suppose we could start with Michael Bloomberg. It is not too difficult to make the case tha t America is being destroyed from within, once insidiously and now blatantly. Can the decline be halted


UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has told the UN that Iran is likely to be the next N. Korea. I think she is insightful and prescient in her view of this situation. I wrote this piece some time ago and post it here for comments if anyone wishes to do so. 

A couple of days ago I wrote to a friend that Iran was going to be the next N. Korea, but worse. The nuclear agreement Obama foolishly made with Iran has the potential to be ruinous, not only for the USA, but for all of the Americas. Why? How? Hezbollah, agents for Iran, are now present in all of the Americas. I learned, while stranded in Mexico on 9/11/2001, of Hezbollah's base being built in the "Triple Frontier" of S. America. With the help of a friend from DOE, I reported my findings to the government. Finally, in May 2007 it was reported by NBC and Telemundo. My blog readers now report that "they are all over the Americas from Puerta del Fuego to the tip of Canada." Only a fool would doubt that Hezbollah is present in the USA. Such a fool called me a liar for reporting on their presence in S. Am. To him I was a conservative fear-monger. He soon regretted his stupidity and I've seen nothing written by him since. Finally, they come, along with others, into Mexico, pay large amounts of money to be transformed to  "Mexican," gotten visas and come through our borders unmolested. For more on this, Google "Hezbollah "Triple Frontier") or "Triborder").  Search May 2007 to find the first report that will tell you that Hezbollah is here to "take care of America" if anything happens to Iran. Obama, Kerry and their minions set us up!!! Another of Obama's legacies.

Also, find more on this blog by searching "September 11, 2001."

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Hillary Clinton is selling tickets for $2375 Canadian, $2,000 US  for attending her book signing tour. That people will pay such a price, or any price, for the event is reflective of the American Condition that has devolved over at least 8 decades -- since the "Progressives" started takeover of the once quite honorable Democrats. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the corruption that Harry Truman spoke of when he said, "the only way to become wealthy in politics is to be corrupt."

As a person, Hillary Clinton is of no importance to most Americans. However, what she does, virtually entirely for herself, is of import. Her search for power and enormous wealth for doing nothing is of import to all Americans. That she is celebrated by millions is reflective of The American Condition that has devolved over many decades. I believe President Harry Truman, who eschewed the use of one's government position to accumulate wealth, would condemn her actions. The Honorable president Truman would, in all likelihood, view Clinton as dishonorable, hence unworthy of the presidency. Yet she wants it and millions agree and vote for her.

Don't try to tell me there is no "cultural revolution" in America as a once-friendly reporter averred and dissolved a longtime friendship. I'm trying to envisage Truman's reaction if he could be told that Clinton, who has made 10s, even 100s, of millions of dollars, now seeks $2375 per ticket for a book tour. Perhaps her 100s of millions from the Clinton Foundation and her reported sale of their Hamptons vacation property for $29 million will not be sufficient to sustain her. She epitomizes an article I wrote some years ago -- "Breeding Mediocrity In America." It has been bred and is being nurtured with "leaders" like Clinton. And greed!

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I'm watching NBC's Meet The Press. The program gest worse every week. Chuck Todd, who identified as a Democrat when he referred to Democrats and the DNC as "ours." No surprise here, but just hadn't heard it said so. He is interviewing California Governor Jerry Brown, known to some as "moonbeam." I would never refer to him as that because moonbeams can be bright, beautiful, romantic, inspirational and more. Not Gov. Brown!

Gov. Brown attempts to explain the condition of the Democrat Party. A central premise is that Republicans have successfully changed the culture of America with heavy funding by such as the Koch brothers "and others." How deluded, or how intellectually dishonest. or how stupid can a governor be? Jerry Brown epitomizes a quote of mine from some years back.

"The best among us no longer present themselves for elective office and Americans willfully elect many of the worst who do."

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and the destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump. Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the destruction of traditional America.

Obama's reign put the cultural revolution and march to perdition on steroids.

Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years.


Before addressing Robert Mueller and his position as "special council" I want to address James Comey first. On May 24, 2016, I posted on this blog my opinion that there would be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. All media reports portraying Comey as a paragon of virtue suggested we were being set up for exoneration of Clinton of any wrong doing. And so it was, and done in exactly the same way as I suggested.

Since Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel, I have had similar thoughts as I have heard praise of Mueller's unimpeachable integrity, virtually echoing the build-up on Comey. I don't buy the hype. Mueller has hired, I believe, sixteen attorneys, most, if not all, of whom are Democrats and some have very questionable backgrounds for this assignment. Some are publically pro-Clinton and others clearly anti-Trump. My belief is that Muller will go to any length to bring indictments of President Trump, his family and/or anyone associated with him.

Now, Mueller has empowered a grand jury. This investigation will go on and on without end until someone is indicted. Anyone wonder what it's costing us?

While the effort is all about trying to find a gun behind all the smoke being created by anti-Trump, pro-Clinton people and all of those in favor of continuing the eight-decades long cultural revolution that has all but destroyed traditional America, corruption with Clintons, the DNC and Democrat operatives goes unattended. Goal? Try to find someone on the political right to indict and ignore all obvious reasons to indict some on the left. Sad and disgusting, but true. Keep the cultural revolution and the march to 3rd world alive.


The "Deep State" threatens Trump as he threatens their existence and their cultural revolution.

In the 2016 election, I hoped for the election of someone who could stop the cultural revolution and the "Progressive" march to perdition we've been on for 8 decades. Donald Trump is threatening to do just that and even though he is at times clumsy and communicates poorly, hence at times his own worst enemy, the forces that have driven the revolution and march to perdition are doing all possible to bring him down. Many want to destroy traditional America. Following is a note to friends

Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long, and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real, subversive and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and it's destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump is meeting.

Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the revolution, stop destruction of traditional America. Obama's reign put the revolution on steroids. Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years. Obama and Clintons are leaders of the resistance to Trump's presidency.