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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts for week's end

How often do you hear the political left refer to their candidates, or those in office, as "brilliant?"
I first observed this in 1965 when I met Jimmy Carter at GA Tech. As a 24-year old, newly minted junior faculty member, I was assigned to accompany Mr. and Ms. Carter as they toured the campus and spoke to students and faculty. One of my first thoughts was, "how can he hope to be Governor of Georgia?" He was unfriendly, self-focused and mediocrity seemed an apt descriptor. But, not only did he become governor, lo and behold, he became President of the USA. But, you know that....and you know that he has often been described by his fans as "brilliant." If he were brilliant, we would not have the ethanol-in-gasoline mandate (expensive and of no value). We wouldn't have the CRA (1977) although to be fair to Carter, he couldn't have expected Robert Rubin and President Clinton to use it as a vehicle for fraud by the banks (SIVs, CDOs, credit default swaps, etc.) and the sub-prime loan debacle -- the "house for everyone nonsense. Yes, folks, check out the housing bubble and find that in 1994-5 the housing bubble became 4-fold normal sales. Of course, it burst in 2008.
If Carter were "brilliant," the middle east would, in all likelihood, be a different situation today. By throwing the Shah of Iran under the bus and supporting Ayatollah Khomeini, whom he and his UN Rep. Andrew Young called a "saint," he religated 40 million Persians and others in Iran to a lifetime under Shariah law, bred Hezbollah out of the Muslim Brotherhood and more. Hezbollah now controls Lebanon, is involved in most of the Mideast conflicts and is building a strong presence in the "Triple Frontier" of S. Am from which to get to the USA. But, I was said to be "stretching the truth" by a "brilliant" person here in my town when I reported this a year ago after first reporting it after 9/11/2001. Ten thousand references were not enough to persuade the accuser. I will post the year-ago report later.
NOW, we have the most prominent "BRILLIANT ONE," Mr. Obama. It is as difficult, or more so, to find his brilliance as it was/is Carter's. Readers can find an abundance of evidence to refute this description. It's sad, but true! All Americans deserve better, and those in the rest of the world who depend on America deserve better also. As with Carter, the most apt descriptor for the President is "narcissist."


Anonymous Sandra Arias said...

America headed for financial ruin are as obvious as signs on the highway, but many people are was not paying attention to them, but eventually the bills became impossible to ignore. I have friends who declared bankruptcy and many others who simply walked away from their bills, most of them returned to their countries (most of them professionals) because the American Dream not longer exists because of the new goverment whose not have idea of financial responsability, everyone is making less income than housing expenses except for those who fools working with Obama and the unions tugs. God bless America.

19 August, 2011  

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