On this day, called Labor Day, it is entirely appropriate to celebrate those who work -- laborers, or whatever the job description of workers may be. Unfortunately, however, the day has become celebratory of "organized labor, " the UNIONS, and not the individual workers. True! Those of us who have spent careers in the arena where unions operate know quite well that UNIONS have become big business and political machines. They use their members for funding to support politicians, almost all Democrats. While some, perhaps many, will roil when I say that trade unions have done more to destroy industries and their members' jobs than most know, it's true. It happened with coal (until it's partial rebirth), steel, Detroit autos (losing to non-UAW southern operations), textiles, shoes and more. Teachers' unions have done much to contribute to poor results in our education system. I could say much more, and will do so in a comprehensive treatise on unions in coming days. But, for now please know that when the talking heads say Obama saved the auto industry, HE DID NOT. He did save a good portion of the UAW. The Big 3 became the "Detroit" 3 and now the "Detroit" 1 (Ford) and the Government/UAW 2 (GM and part of Chrysler). As the old Big 3's UAW ran their fully loaded costs to $72/hr per worker, the Southern Auto Industry, was taking 50+% of the market with about 1/3rd of Detroit's costs as well as being free of bloated management and facilities. Southern auto workers are happy with their jobs and reject unions (thus far, but Obama and the UAW will take them on). When we hear the hype that unions made concessions with government's takeover, they did, but don't be fooled by the amount. Costs are now $54/hr. and they are starting negotiations again. They will increase! Furthermore, what you don't hear about are work rules. When the market stabilizes at some level (now down 40%), Detroit will lose more jobs.
Unions are big businesses, for their managers and for Democrat politicians. More on this later, but please think about this. As you do, look at what has happened with public service unions in the US and then look at what they have done for other countries, starting with the PIIGS of the EU.
Also, as you think about this issue, there is the "thug" factor, as a Teamster member himself reminded me of just yesterday. I/we have experienced the thug factor, including an extortion attempt and death threats.....but more later. It's not as the media and politicians hype it to be. Please look at the facts.


  1. I would say that it wasn't that long ago that if the President said things were going well, the country would turn around and things would be going well. Now that we have the internet and near instant communication to just about anywhere in the world, we hear a lot of people saying: "Not so fast Tonto!!" A near instant spotlight can now be pointed at details of governments anywhere sneaking around and arranging for things to happen that are just not right.

    Take the auto industry bailout. I could never imagine the level of chutzpah displayed in the takeover of the two biggest auto conglomerates in the country. And it happened in an instant. Now the news has spread far and wide about not only how it happened but the details about how the bond holders were robbed in favor of the UAW and other things that the perpetrators thought would never see the light of day. The rock has been turned over and the back side of it is smeared with evil. Stinky with Union slime!

    Ford is saying: "We really dodged a big one didn't we?" How thankful they are they refused the bait we can only surmise. GM and Chrysler? Fading from sight. May take a few years but I believe they are gone.

    The facts that you ask us to look at are nearly instantly available. It's no wonder that corrupt regimes worldwide are looking at how to take down the internet to keep this information hidden from their citizens.


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