Thursday, October 6, 2011


While there is considerable probability that it will never be adjudicated, the Solyndra deal can only be labeled FRAUD, surely by the company but also by the president, DOE and others in government. Solyndra's financial ill health was known and communicated to those, including the president, who made the decision to waste $528 million of taxpayer's money. The only defense against a claim of fraud would be ABJECT IGNORANCE...EVEN STUPIDITY. And, we know that can't be the problem because the president and others in government are "BRILLIANT." They and their acolytes tell us so. Can't have it both ways.....innocence and brilliance. I had left an opening to assess it differently, but not now. It's fraud and will, in all likelihood, be brushed away as the media are trying to do now.

NOTE: As I write this there is an indication that the DOE head of loan programs that issued Solyndra the funds will fall on his sword for the administration. It should be Sec. Chu and Pres. Obama who resign.

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