Monday, January 9, 2012


I apologize for no posts recently when there is so much for us to discuss. I have been with my ill daughter for a couple of weeks and have given her priority.

Much is happening with our critical national condition. Government is dysfunctional in Washington as Obama "governs" (an overstatement) without Congress (even in contempt the "equal" branch). And, the Republicans are demonstrating a high degree of irresponsibility in debates as what will be the dirtiest, most dishonest and expensive election campaign in history has begun.

If the Republicans continue to destroy each other with utterly stupid debates that play right into Obama's strategy, Obama will be reelected. I am I'm totally disgusted with the candidates.

Obama's reelection will be the end of "traditional America" and the beginning of control by an Imperialist president. Oh, I almost forgot, he has already started by ignoring Congress.

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