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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Another thought for the day to add to those below.

Our bloated, cost-burdened, dysfunctional government must be restructured and streamlined to be better matched with the economy where structural problems will persist in retarding capital formation and economic expansion well into the future -- forever with the current administration run by it's czars and radical appointees. Absent effective restructuring and decreased spending, taxes cannot be raised to meet increased cost of government. It's a catch-22...increase taxes on everyone and everything and kill any expansion that might be possible.

So, as this reality should be foremost in all presidential candidates minds and we need to elect a true leader who understands this need and how to effect it, Newt destroys the issue by disparaging the very essence if restructuring in an attempt to destroy the electability of perhaps the one candidate who has experience in restructuring and in capital formation. I have not committed to any candidate, only against Obama, but Newt's persistence, and that of his PAC, to destroy Romney is handing the issue to Obama. 

Obama is not an effective president and is not a leader, but he surely knows how to campaign. He has already captured the issue with claims that he "will restructure government." Of course, he won't and will continue to bloat it, but non-discerning (no, ignorant) voters will buy into his slick rhetoric as will the shills he recruits to stand with him as he pronounces his intentions.

I am disgusted that the campaigns and debates have gone in such a destructive direction without regard for what is best for the largest number of Americans.


Anonymous Sandra said...

Millions de people in South America are afraid about what is happening in America, because America is not longer the super-power, they think that now America is weak after Obama made collapsed the economy and shrinked the military then cutting their budget to the minimun and replacing it with a Gestapo style civilian police. The website said that Americans gave up hope, how is possible that Americans allowed Obama to destroyed the Space programs and gave it to the Russians, they talks about something I never hear before, at least not in this way: National Socialism + Zlonism = Nazi, and about the Obama-UN Agenda 21 ( Marx and Agenda 21)and also about the 12/21/2102 solar storm, they asked what Obama and the goverment are doing to prepare for this. Millions have family members in the US and know that the nuclear plants could explode due to the heat from the solar flares, many countries in South America not have nuclear plants. I think this are very serious concerns that country is not longer the leader of anything, and still the danger of Obama get re-elected without even be elegible in the first place! The Internet is essential to find facts about what is happening in the planet.

20 January, 2012  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Sandra, thank you so much for this insightful commentary. I would like to post it as a blog if you approve. I will use only your first name or I can refer to you as a friend.....advise me please if you approve. Your comment is so valuable as are all your thoughts since we met. I learn from you.

23 January, 2012  

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