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Friday, February 3, 2012


Most often it is pointless, and even arrogant as some will be compelled to characterize this statement,  to say " I told you so. But, the violence in Egypt and  their elections make it pertinent....even necessary to draw focus on truth.

While the US State Department and Obama were touting the great opportunity for "Democracy" in Egypt and Gen. Klapper, DIA Head, was ignorantly (that word again!! because that's what it is) declaring the Muslim Brotherhood to be "SECULAR," I speculated, even in this blog, that the MB would end up controlling Egypt and the government would become a theocracy, a la Iran. It will happen.

Please access the link above to understand what is already happening to Christians in Egypt. How misguided can this administration be??

All of the mid-East will become theocracies...a la Iran.

Iraq is next, most likely under Moqtada Al Sadr. My Muslim friends will be angry with me, but wait a few weeks to a few months. 

Oh, while I'm taking time from a more urgent priority to write a bit, let's think about Panetta's declaration that Israel will attack Iran only to be followed up by the speculation that Iran will, somehow, attack the USA first.
Maybe readers can speculate on the reasons for these statements other than the shear foolishness (I mean stupidity) of a DOD Secretary saying such.
More later on Iraq, OWS anarchy and more. Not much energy to write
and other issues are more important. Family and loyal friends take top priority!


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