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Monday, March 26, 2012


If anyone has had doubts about Obama's intentions when re-elected, those doubts should be dispelled after hearing his open-mic (unexpected) plea to Russian President Medvedev  for "space," to deal with missle treaties, until after he is reelected. It must be assumed as 100% certain that he understands that the American people oppose more concessions to the Russians, and hence just might vote their displeasure.

Also, it would be foolish of anyone to believe that Obama doesn't have intentions of subordinating (even subverting) the wishes of the American people to his own prejudices .............. and needs for his future agenda.

I look for solid indisputable issues, statements, actions etc. to define a person. This is the "method" that I used to finally relegate Santorum to also ran status last week.Obama's plea to Medvedev is such a defining act -- subversion.

I will no longer have any doubt, none at all, that Obama intends to govern as an Imperialist, continuing to circumvent Congress and flout the Rule of Law. He will be a one-man show, surrounded by extremist radicals who share his beliefs and will benefit from his power. I have never taken such a position with any candidate for office, but Obama is not just any person.More and more it is legitimate to assume his sealed records define him in ways that are not acceptable. Why seal them if not.

I will not anticipate hearing much about this from his sycophantic media. I'll expect his shills to change the subject as they always do.

Traditional America is in the winter season of her life with Obama as president. Sad, but true!


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