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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have mentioned several times that when I came out of political "retirement" in 2008 a substantial number of naturalized citizens came to me and my "team" offering help in working to defeat Mr. Obama. These people fall into the same category -- they had come to the USA to escape "Socialism" and Totalitarian rule in their native countries. They feared then, and do even more now, that Obama is like the Totalitarian rulers of the countries they fled. Whereas earlier they had fear, they now have evidence.

Previously, I have posted comments from some of these people, all of whom are loyal friends now and are fiercely pro-America. Most recently I posted a comment from one who fled Castro's Cuba saying "America is already not the nation I came to in 1960."This was in response to my oft-stated concern that we are losing "Traditional America" and re-election of Obama will finalize the loss.

Herewith are two comments to blog posts from another one of these loyal Americans, Sandra.
Sandra started life in Colombia and still has many ties to Central and South America. She confides in me many stories of how Obama is viewed in that region. Others do the same. I spent 20 years doing business in the region and know the truth, which the media don't tell us. Here are two of her most recent comments.

I just want to recommend a book " The Post-American Presidency"(The Obama Administration)by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer. Foreword by Ambassador John H. Bolton.
This is a must to be read by every American and other people that loves this country.

Obama is bringing America to its knees, this country that had dedicated all its power and resources to promoted freedom and prosperity in the world, has been push to the cliff. Every one that worry and cares about the future of our children and grand children, needs to get together, specially those that had been indifferent to join us now, and massively manifest rejection against Obama's Anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity policies. Americans always fought oppression. I been in the US for almost 25 years...and this is not the America I knew...


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