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Friday, May 11, 2012


ROMNEY'S YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION – A MEDIA BUZZ but after 4 years we still know nothing in the media about Obama's sealed records and his associations

Soon we will have heard from the Obama media more about a youthful prank by Mitt Romney some 50 years ago than we've heard about all of Barrack Obama's activities and associations up to his being elected president. Even the alleged “victim's” family disputes at least part of the story about Romney's allegedly cutting a portion of his hair. Is this the fatal flaw that brings Romney down? Of course, this should be an absurd thought. However, given today's political environment, the attitude and mind-set of a large part of the voting population and the extreme bias of the media, the true absurdity is that it would be possible.

It's unfortunate, to use a political euphemism, that Romney didn't use Obama's model and have all of his records sealed from public view. Oh, but on second thought, Obama is unique in the privilege of having none of his background revealed or discussed. I will long remember personally urging John McCain and his campaign people in 2008 to do the opposition research to define the real Barrack Obama. My frequent suggestions were summarily ignored. I will write this story as a stand-alone because my personal discussion with Sen. Lindsay Graham about the issue is revealing. Bottom line, their reason for not defining Obama was fear of the race issue.

Romney has neither the race issue nor a loyal media to cover for him as Obama's acolytes and sycophants protect him. I'll be repeating myself, but this election will be the dirtiest, most dishonest and most corrupt in history.

America is in peril, the economy has structural problems that are not being addressed and the incumbent has no knowledge or experience to deal with them, our debt is choking us and the president increases it with reckless abandon, our foreign relations are suffering from ineptitude of the administration, we're losing one primacy after another....and there's more. President Obama has no background and clearly no capability to manage the government! Mitt Romney has the background, demonstrated achievements and more. Yet, the media and other non-thinking people are concerned about a childhood prank (maybe!) by Mr. Romney as well as his Mormon faith while it ignores Obama's inadequacies as well as his questionable background. But, that what the political arena is today.


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