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Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is utterly ridiculous for Obama, the media and other Obama sycophants and acolytes to assert that Romney has more campaign funds than Obama!!! Not only does Obama have all of the normal sources such as the 40% who support him reflexively ... without a thought as to what he is actually doing, unions, the trough-feeders such as dependent class, trial lawyers and more, BUT HE HAS THE WHOLE US TREASURY AT HIS DISPOSAL AND HAS USED IT CONTINUOUSLY FOR THE DURATION. AFL-CIO'S TRUMKA IS SHILLING FOR HIM AS I WRITE THIS, WHILE THE NEWS IS REPORTING ABOUT THE UNION OWNING LUXURY RESORTS. Those of us who have been in that arena know how unions operate and what they are now -- Democrat political machines, not protectors of their people. When will people understand the facts? Most never will!
Even more insane is the claim that Obama is better at creating jobs and Romney is the jobs exporter. It is insanely false, but30- 40% will not question it!! We're on the road to perdition and that 40% doesn't care.

That's a subject for a major write.


Anonymous C. Misak said...

One o
f the Democrat moutpieces is frequently seen on TV remarking two major Obama accomplishments:
1. He killed bin Laden
2. He save the auto industry.

The latter comment drives me in to the ceiling. Here is a man who has used taxpayer money to save GM from bankruptcy (billions of which will never be repaid)for the sole purpose of soldiifying the vote of the UAW come election time. It is totally false that he "saved" the auto industry--they would have gone thru legal bankruptcy and emerged just like millions of other US companies have done. Secondly, one of the best aspects of capitalism, a pillar of capitalism, is that poorly run companies fail--and more efficeint companies take their place. When the govt start propping up inefficent companies with taxpayer dollars, you are seeing crony capitalism, at best, at work. That means losses for the US taxpayer. Instead of getting credit for "saving" the auto industry, he should have been charged with improper use of taxpayer funds and abuse of his authority for getting involved in this in the first place...

15 July, 2012  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Chuck, it won't surprise anyone who knows us that I agree with you. This week I recovered from the archives a recommendation I wrote, and published, for restructuring GM. I re-read it and still see it as the correct way. Of all the dishonest, totally false comments that drive my blood pressure to extremes, Obama's saving the auto industry is near the top...and there are many lies. The southern auto industry was doing quite well as was Ford who restructured without Obama nuts. You're right, he paid off the UAW who got the DETROIT THREE into insolvency.....along with excesses in expenses by management.....and no balls in dealing with the UAW. The claims by Obama are pathetic but more pathetic is that 40% of people either believe the nonsense or don't give a tinker's damn.

15 July, 2012  

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