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Friday, July 13, 2012


 Leonard Pitts is a syndicated columnist working out of the Miami Herald. An overwhelming majority of his columns are related to racism and incite more than they inform. Of course, he's an Obama acolyte who has a large megaphone to promote Obama. He's a talented writer with a prejudiced message but, as with too many of the Obama spokespeople, often stretches credibility and truth. The problem, as I see it, is that too many people who do not think for themselves simply buy into the rhetoric and pass it on as gospel. Since going on Facebook, I find this to be prevalent in those of political left persuasion. I no longer refer to them as liberals, an honest and respectable descriptor co-opted by the parasitic Progressives. I'm tired of the claims of "racism" against anyone who rejects Obama and I'm tired of the dishonesty and the mindless reflexive support shown by his acolytes and sycophants. Hence, I am speaking out against such people as Pitts. Below is a piece one of the newspapers who carries his column published for me today. I thank them for their fairness and intellectual integrity in doing so.

To: Editor, The Daily Press
From: Joe A. Mann
Subject: Columnists Leonard Pitts vs. Susan Estrich

Columnists Susan Estrich and Leonard Pitts, both possess excellent writing skills – admirable use of words, continuity of thought, style. And, while they share the philosophy of the political left, therewith their similarities end. Estrich is credible and deserves readership, even from those of us who may differ with her opinions. Pitts is not credible. Sadly, his work can be viewed legitimately as talent wasted, driven by his prejudices. I concluded long ago that without the “race issue,” he would have nothing to write about. His written word can be equated to the race baiting of Sharpton and others. Pitts' recent anti-American column doubled down on his incredibility.

Susan Estrich, in her Daily Press column July 9, used the opening scene in HBO's, “Newsroom,” as exemplary of anti-Americanism in the news, but the comparison with Pitts' recent column cannot be ignored. Both presented “long lists” of reasons America is not a great country. I applaud Estrich for having the courage to express her respect for America. Surely, some will criticize her for doing so – a sign of the times.

I will continue to read Susan Estrich for an honest view that will most often differ from mine. I will never read another Pitts column and will encourage hundreds, even thousands, in my network to do the same.

J. A. Mann
James City County/Williamsburg


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