Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BISHOP EARL JACKSON -- "An American, not an Arican American"


This is a video I wish all Americans, especially blacks and Progressives who use them, could see. I know Bishop Jackson. The first time I met him and heard him speak he opened the speech with, "I'm Bishop Earl Jackson, I am an American, not an African-American, an American. Bishop is a true patriot. I've had him speak to CARMA group here in my town and have met him several times. I am more impressed each time I see him. He is so courageous and could be the best role model any black person, and others, they could have. It always baffles me to think that blacks vote reflexively for Democrats when the Dems simply use them and count on their vote. Barack Obama is no exception! Please listen to Bishop's message to blacks.

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