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Monday, November 5, 2012



To the surprise, and perhaps dismay, of friends of conservative persuasion, I have written about lamenting, even mourning, the loss of the honest, real Liberal Democratic Party of my forebearers.
The productive debates we once had are not possible anymore. While I must recognize that conservatives have contributed some difficulties with such debates, nothing they have done or do can trump what has been done to the once proud and honorable Democratic Party by today's far left misfits of the Progressive movement.

Just when I thought Bill Maher's scurrilous commentary wouldn't be topped, Michael Moore and MoveOn.Org have trumped him with two adds promoting Obama for reelection and condemning Romney in the most despicable way.

The add I speak of has 3 old people (“seniors” that is) who are truly in the moral and ethical gutter promoting Obama. One 97-year old woman (white) finishes off a diatribe about America.... by 'if conservatives push out President Obama,” we'll “burn this down!” America that is! Unbelievable, but it doesn't stop there. Another old woman (black by the way) ends her diatribe against Romney by saying if he won he'd “get a …... punch” that has to be deleted from broadcast. The third, an old guy (white), asserts that “if Romney wins 'they' will be looking down on him every time he has sex....and doing something I didn't understand. Inexplicable and stupid! All three had the look of profound hatred.

Is this now the face of the Democratic Party? Yes. Obama is their titular head and they are his supporters....along with the most scurrilous of promoters – MoveOn, Michael Moore and others of their ilk.

Then there is the video of the young woman comparing her first election to losing her virginity. Her antics are as despicable as the premise, from discussing losing her virginity and voting to “doing it” with a person who offers birth control and other benefits while alluding racially to a person with [nice skin] while rubbing her hands and arms but avoiding the race words.

This is too despicable to dwell on, but these people represent voter blocs that Obama can depend on 100%. He is the patron saint and leader of the scurrilous Progressive Movement that now has parasitic control of their host, the Democratic Party. The honorable Liberal Democrats are no longer in control.....but they still vote as if their party is what it was. It isn't!!

The soul of America is at stake!


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