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Saturday, December 29, 2012


MORE ON JOHN HINCKLEY -- From today's Virginia Gazette

Yesterday I posted a headline and some information about would-be Reagan assassin, John Hinckley's, efforts to be mainstreamed in our Williamsburg, VA community. More information is now available and it further supports the idiocy of attempts to mainstream criminally insane people.

In Hinckley's case, a single federal judge, Paul L. Friedman,  is pushing, against advice of all others, for increased visitation which portends "eventual mainstreaming." Simply stated, "this is power that one biased person should not have." Of course the judge is biased!! His politics are also predictable. Such decisions are driven by left-wing political philosophy. Always have been.

The judge is "prodding St. Elizabeth's Hospital to proceed with plans to expand overnight visits here to "two 17-day visits followed by six 24-day visits, which could lead to [permanent] convalescent leave here, with his frail octogenarian mother to care for him. MAKE SENSE?? Hardly, except to mindless people who never look at the results of their political decisions. What is right to them is what they can get promulgated into law. Results are never measured. Their philosophy always prevails.

In August 2012, the Colonial Behavioral Health Agency hannounced they would have no part in managing or treating Hinckley here. Judge Friedman also denied a request by Hinckley's lawyer, Barry Levine, to withdraw from the case for non-payment of bills.

So, one misguided, all-powerful judge overrules all others (including objections from 1,000s of people) and orders attorneys for the hospital, Hinckley and the federal government to submit a report by Jan. 18 on "what's next."

So, what is next? Will it be another criminal act? When? What excuse will the judge and other politically misguided people have for it? Of course, to many of these people who are on a mindless march to mediocrity such events have never happened. But, they have and they continue! Einstein's definition of insanity applies to these people. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome." And, so it is!


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