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Monday, October 26, 2015


The Benghazi Cover-up By H. Clinton and The Obama Administration
By Dr. Robert Warren,  PhD

Over 40 years ago, Richard Nixon was forced to resign as President of the United States of America. His guilt lay not in the commission of the crimes of Watergate but in its cover-up. A stupid political burglary and its aftermath ended the Nixon presidency. Significantly, no one died and the guilty were sent to jail.

Fast forward to today. Barack Obama continues as President of the United States. He, as well as his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, covered up an al Queda orchestrated assault on the Ambassador to Libya. Unlike the Watergate burglary, four Americans died. Unlike the Watergate burglary, an innocent man was sent to prison to prop up the lie that a film caused the Islamic world to go crazy. No one guilty of bureaucratic or political failure was held legally accountable.

I would ask why no impeachment inquiry has been suggested. The parallels between Watergate and Benghazi are substantial. First, the incidents in both cases led to a high level cover-up and there is no question that the cover-up took place – the Secretary of State admitted it in her e-mails shortly after the disaster. Second, there will be people that say no crime was committed and that is the difference between Watergate and Benghazi. Well, an innocent man was unjustly accused and subsequently remanded to prison to protect the cover-up. It that not a crime? Third, the Ambassador to Libya repeatedly asked for help in this very dangerous land. Supposedly some 600 e-mails were sent pleading for help. Is ignoring the constant pleas not a crime? Fourth, after the Libyan massacre, no one was admonished, no one was punished and no one was tried in a court of law. The State Department and likely other Departments of the government are involved in stonewalling a Congressional inquiry and hindering potential prosecutions. Are these not crimes?

What is apparent is that there are truly very few Republicans, and for that matter Democrats, who are willing to take on a sitting president who is likely involved in the cover-up of terrorism. Oh, they will dance around the issues and try to make political points, but a crime? No! Impeachment? No! Respect for the Rule of Law? No! Respect for the Constitution? No! Anything of substance? No!

In The Republic, Plato describes how governments descend into tyranny. You will have to judge just where we are as a nation and a people, but acceptance of the abuses noted above reflect base immorality, unethical behavior and almost certainly crime at the highest levels of government.

Editor's note: Dr. Warren's work is characteristically analytical and insightful regarding the Benghazi scandal. To the thoughtful reader it is demonstrative of systemic national decadence.
This is The American Condition under the Obama administration. It is likely to be permanent and will be guaranteed so if Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency of the United States.


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