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Monday, November 30, 2015

OBAMA -- Global Warming Cause of Terrorism

Obama and global warming/climate change most critical problem for USA and the world.

It is incomprehensible that Barack Obama and his spokespeople can declare global warming, aka climate change, the “cause of terrorism.” It's equally incomprehensible that Obama proclaims global warming/climate change, not terrorism, the greatest threat to America. This delusional behavior violates the first requirement of the constitution to provide security for the American people.

It's ludicrous that he focus attention on climate change in Paris just after the terrorists murderous attacks on innocents. Having said that, let's remember that Obama considered it unnecessary to attend a solidarity demonstration with heads of 40 countries in Paris after the bombing of publisher, Charlie Hebdo. This arrogance, or ignorance, is even more unacceptable since the USA is the major target in the world for radical Islamic terrorists. But, his shills and apologists will remind us that he sent Sec. Of State, John Kerry to Paris with James Taylor to sing Talyor's signature song, “You've Got a f Friend,” to the French. Maybe he can send Taylor again.

Now comes a new attack on innocents in Paris with several killed and more wounded. Obama's focus as he attends a G-20 summit is, again, global warming.

Now, his comment that his focus on global warming would be the greatest rebuke of terrorists possible is beyond ridiculous. Can anyone explain any rationale for this? Delusional is a kind word.

I contend that this delusional behavior is reflective of the fact that “The best of Americans do not present for elective office now and American voters willfully elect the worst who do.”(JAM 20120). We are our own problem when we elect an unqualified president, not once but twice. Impossible to comprehend!!


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