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Monday, December 21, 2015


By Michael Wilsonยท 
I watched the last two hours of the DP debate. A penance for some sin of omission or commission, don'tcha know? I came away depressed (in addition to being bored to tears.) I can accept, and publicly state for the record, that Trump's proposed solutions to our nation's woes and travails are fantasies that have no chance of being implemented in the real world. I also accept that a certain percentage of my colleagues accept that Trump can somehow, on the strength of his really fantastic and incredible personality, persuade the Mexican government to pay for an expensive wall that they cannot in any way afford, to reduce what revenues they have, for instance. What amazes me is that anyone could listen to Bernie Sanders' fatuous solutions and think that they have even as much chance as Trump's fantasies.
How does anyone, even the most dedicated supporter of the DP, who has followed Hillary Clinton's career of mendacity, deception, and use of any tactics, no matter how dishonest, despicable and harmful to others (suppression of the "bimbo eruptions, e.g.) right up to her lies to the faces of of the families of those killed in Benghazi as to the circumstances of their deaths, continue to support or even accept her candidacy? Are you so politically jaded as to think that she is not utterly corrupt? Have you forgotten the cattle futures fiasco, in which intelligent people were asked to accept that a tyro in the field of futures dealing was just blessedly fortunate in making $70,000 almost overnight without illegally "straddling," for instance? Do you just ignore the use of foreign front organizations to funnel foreign "donations" in to the Clinton coffers?
I will submit once again that she combines all her husband's flaws without his intelligence, charm and skill. Absent her fortuitous marriage to Bill Clinton, I believe she would now be a discredited, low level lawyer whose inherent dishonesty would probably have seen her disbarred by now. She is certainly no latter day Joan of Arc, fit to lead the nation. She has no place at the table with Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, or even Angela Merkel. One may admire these women's abilities and characters, even if one may disagree with their policies or politics. Hillary Clinton has not earned such respect and consideration.
Martin O'Malley ran the once prosperous Baltimore into the dirt, laying the groundwork for the recent riots in that unhappy city. He went on, as governor, to drive half the business in the state out with the same asinine, PC, "progressive" policies that he would bring to a nation already reeling from 7 years of Obama. Even the "blue" citizens of Maryland, a solid DP bastion, became fed up with his destructive incompetence and tossed him out on his ass. And now he has the hubris to think that he should be considered for the office of POTUS?
Only this aggregation of ineptitude, dishonesty, doltishness and political careerism could have any chance of getting me to vote for Donald Trump. If the DP were to run one of their few remaining decent, reasonable, and demonstrably competent members such as Jim Webb or Joe Manchin, I would be very tempted to cross over the line in 2016, but there is no danger of this happening with any of this sorry lot heading your ticket.


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