Friday, January 29, 2016



Three letters of the alphabet differentiate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as candidates for president – DIS. Hillary Clinton is a DIShonorable misguided person without requisite attributes for the presidency. Bernie Sanders is an honorable misguided person, it seems, without requisite attributes for the presidency. Both would continue America's march to perdition now 6+ decades old and critical.

“The best among us no longer present for elective office and American voters willfully vote to elect the worst who do.” (JAM 2012).

On immigration reform: Democrats are stuck on dishonesty and their immigration policy is based on assuring and building voter blocs, as most of their policies are. Republicans are stuck on stupid by equating “comprehensive” reform with “amnesty,” thereby alienating Hispanics, at least, a bloc of which they could have a significant percentage without the stupidity.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Surprising as it is to me, many more Americans are supporting Donald Trump for president than I would ever have thought. The 2016 election, once more, gives credence to my assertion;
"The best among us no longer present for elective office and American voters willfully vote for some of the worst who do." 
I've read and listened to so much about Donald Trump that I feel compelled to write a bit about him as I see him. First, let me assert without equivocation that I cannot vote for a Hillary Clinton, a consummate liar and fraud or a Bernie Sanders who will accelerate our national march to perdition, a march we are long-on already. But, observe some overarching factors in Trump that are quite problematic. He is a supercilious, petulant, controlling narcissist with PR talent that most, if not all, narcissists have. Look no further than the narcissist, Obama, now called "President." What Trump, like Obama, isn't is a statesman. However, there are none around today. 
He's now capitalizing on the refusal of Roger Ailles to accede to his controlling, narcissistic demand to remove a debate moderator, Megyn Kelly. I am as concerned about Trump's decision to engage in battle with a low-level (relative to the office he pursues and hence should show requisite requirements) TV anchor. Yes, irrespective of all other factors and aspects of this sideshow, the precursor is Kelly's asking him a question he did not choose nor did he want nor could he control. All of this theater to draw attention away from that simple aspect of the debates is typical Trump, but that's not what he started out doing. He simply couldn't control the moderators and didn't have the requisite personality and self-control to deal with the question. 
Yes, he has used his PR talent and his innate personal characteristics to turn the focus to himself and a compliant media took the bait.. It may work for him. My problem is broader than this charade. 
Each election cycle is worse than the last. I thought that election of Obama would be the low reached by our sub-culturally derived decadent society being bred for 6+ decades. Instead, his election twice confirmed we are rapidly on the march to perdition. Traditional America is already dead and the new American Condition is critical. The Democrats' running the candidates they are running now proves that many, a majority it seems, of our fellow Americans want the societal decadence now bred. I do not!!
So, in spite of Trump's personality defects, I will vote for him if the Democrats cannot find a substitute for Sanders, a socialist-come-communist whose agenda is projected to add some 30+% to an already bloated budget that results in a debt-to-GDP of 112%, absolutely a fatal flaw. No way can we pay off $19T of debt. The Dem candidates don't care about such "mundane" facts. 
Further, Clinton is arguably the most dishonest, intellectually and pathologically, of any public person today. If we cannot have a Harry Truman with cojones and humility or an Eisenhower with experience and even requisite statesman-like characteristics, then perhaps Trump can use his experience and network to get the job done. I'd want a Reagan who brought some expertise from Bechtel and other places, but that person isn't out there. Of course, Dems have disdain for him, even hatred, but they cannot give adequate reasons for it. 
I will vote for Trump if that's the best we have to try to get our beloved America off the fast track to perdition. Can anyone do it at this late juncture?? If anyone knows a Reagan, please call me.