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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Response to a reader who downed the 2-party system while promoting European proportional representation ignoring true cause of our American problems today.

Once again confusion of cause and effect, essentially equating them. Did we become the greatest nation ever by copying the blueprint of others, some of which failed long ago? No. Have we destroyed much of what we created by trying to copy these others, even failed ones? YES. And the march goes on with profound, unjustified bias and with ignoring root cause of problems, many of which are based in the misguided philosophy that the disciples of said philosophy still promote. And, so goes the cultural revolution as we march to perdition apparently wanting it so. Took me a long time to realize that the decadence, loss of primacy and diminished supremacy in the world are the goals of the revolutionaries. I once thought I could help stop the losses, alas it's seemingly impossible. The farther we fall at 980.665 ft per second per second (gravity), the harder we hit and the greater the destruction (perdition).


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