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Monday, January 23, 2017


Trump's cabinet appointees' hearings show distinctly how the least among us control, or try to, the best among us.

As I watched the confirmation hearing a few days ago, I could not dispel the thought that I was watching validation of my opinion that we are governed by too many of the least among us, surely not the best. To see Senators such as Patty Murray, Patrick Leahy, Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, Ben Cardin and more interrogating accomplished people, the kind of high achievers our founders envisaged governing America, was telling of who, and what kind of intellects, we have elected to office.

Rubio even had the audacity to try to force Sec. of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, to declare Vladimir Putin a "war criminal." Rubio is now said to be holding up Tillerson's confirmation as he ponders. Rubio is totally ignoring the fact that declaration of "a war criminal" requires charges and adjudication. Na├»ve or ignorant? Doesn't matter. Wrong! While all questioners were unimpressive, Ben Cardin and Patrick Leahy seemed to be competing for least intellectual, most simple-minded of the lot. I have my own personal disgust with Leahy but will save it for another time. Extreme arrogance.


Blogger Vernon Cadwallader said...

I agree, for the most part, that the cabinet appointments have been very good. I only hope they will be a buffer, a tempering factor on the vain, petty, shallow, vindictive clown, President Bozo.

30 January, 2017  

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