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Sunday, March 5, 2017


97% “consensus” on global warming is derived from prejudice, not from data and not by the "Scientific Method."
This article was run March 4, 2016 in The Daily Press, a Tribune Paper. I'm posting here to reach readers beyond our local, Virginia Peninsula, area, especially for worldwide readers.

On Monday morning, February 27, 2017, The Daily Press published a letter by a citizen, in which he used the fallacious 97% “consensus” on global warming to deride the newly approved EPA Director, Scott Pruitt. He also took a swipe at new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos for speaking quite a bit of truth about misinformation now instilled in students in our colleges and universities. The 97% “consensus” is a mantra now presented as inarguable truth, yet it's fallacious, a contrived prejudicial assessment.

First, we scientists know that science does not yield to consensus, rather hypotheses and laws are derived from disciplined analytical problem-solving work consistent with the “Scientific Methodology.” Then on Monday evening, I heard Bill Nye, The “Science Guy” puppet the consensus fallacy in a debate. Americans are being misled! It's time to inform them of truth.

The “consensus” propaganda came from a 2009 American Geophysical Survey by two researchers at the University of Illinois. It is referred to as the Doran Survey or Zimmerman Thesis. The “survey” was a two-minute, two question, online questionnaire sent to 10,257 scientists by two university professors. Only 3146 “earth scientists” responded. The researchers cherry-picked 77 of the 3146 and labeled them experts. Of those 77, 75 (97.4%) agreed “global warming, now climate change, is manmade. The AGU survey was widely criticized by the scientific community, most notably by the respondents to the survey. But, we don't hear it, do we?

Sadly, as I published some years ago, “Too many Colleges and Universities are no longer sanctuaries for learning and research, rather are now havens for political activism.” So it is with the 97% “consensus.”

Dr. Joe Mann, PhD Chemistry
Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia

Friday, March 3, 2017


Charles Krauthammer to GOP on Obamacare Repeal: 'Pick a Damn Plan' and Unite, or You'll Fail.'

If we are to have an improved healthcare plan to replace the failed ACA, aka Obamacare, neither "affordable" nor done by Obama, congress people must get off stupid and dishonesty and take the proper approach to problem solving. NOW!

I often agree with Dr. Krauthammer. However, on this issue I recommend no plan be adopted until the PROPER ANALYTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING & DECISION MAKING METHODOLOGY is used to develop the most effective healthcare plan to replace the ACA.

Democrats who promulgated the ACA have proven they are not problem solvers and are, in fact, stuck on stupid as well as dishonesty in the way it was developed and presented. Republicans are trying to compete with the Democrats for being stuck on stupid.

Get unstuck from stupid now and use analytical problem-solving methodology. Segment the problems with the current plan, the ACA. That was not done in developing so-called Obamacare.

Prioritize the problems. Determine root cause of each "problem segment," set goals for meeting each need or problem to be solved, assure different targets (goals) are interactive without creating other problems. Exclude all biases, prejudices and preconceptions. Such exclusion is mandatory!! Do it!! Determine who is to be covered and organize into groups with common variables as well as groups with unique issues.

There's more, but this is a start. GET OFF STUPID. NOW.

Do this or we'll have another legislative disaster to go with the ACA and others, such as the ridiculous mandate of ethanol In motor fuel. Since you have proven to be less capable than needed, engage those who are capable!!